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As an industry leader with proven expertise in delivering compassionate, quality, long-term and palliative care, we are proud to announce the building of a 10-bed residential hospice and community outreach centre on the grounds of St. Joseph’s Villa.

Set to open in the spring of 2021, our hospice is a natural extension of our service to the community.

Across the province, there is a shortage of hospice beds. The hospice at St. Joseph’s Villa will meet a critical need in one of the most underserved regions – Dundas, Ancaster, West Hamilton, Flamborough and surrounding areas.

Ministry-funding for the hospice care represents 10% of the capital building costs. On an annual basis, the Ministry will grant the Villa 60% of hospice care costs for 6 designated hospice beds. Our Foundation is committed to raise the outstanding funds required for capital and ongoing operational costs for enhanced end of life services.

We are grateful for the overwhelming response of community leaders, corporations and members of the Villa family organizations who are helping us to fulfill this vital promise to the community. We are honoured to have Bishop Douglas Crosby and IBM Canada President Dino Trevisani leading this project.

Together with your support, we will ensure individuals, families and the community has access to the support, comfort and compassion they need, when facing an end-of-life journey.

From grief & bereavement counselling, day wellness and community outreach support from the time of diagnosis to the provision of 24/7 care from our highly-skilled inter-professional team, we will support the work of caring for the physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and cultural needs of our patients and families.

As Bishop Crosby says: “A gift to hospice is a gift of love”. Consider making your gift of love today!

Margaret's Place Hospice at St. Joseph's Villa

With support of the Ministry of Health, our St. Joseph’s Health System Partners and amazing Foundation and community support, the Villa is excited to expand our care for the community with the opening of our hospice in the spring of 2021.

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Together we support St. Joseph’s Villa and the Margaret’s Place Hospice at St. Joseph’s Villa as a leader in compassionate care, enriching lives, enhancing care, supporting families and creating memories.

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Discover how far your Gift of Love can go in the lives of so many by helping to build a compassionate care hospice in our community.