Board of Directors

Our Board Directors provide the highest quality of governance, guidance and direction and serve as ambassadors for the tremendous work at the Villa and Foundation.

The Board of Directors are a volunteer team of community and business leaders who donate countless hours of their time and expertise to ensure that donations to St. Joseph’s Villa Foundation are managed with utmost responsibility and care.

Message from President & CEO, Maureen Ellis

“The question is not what we can do, but what we must do, for the sake of our community.”

For 40 years, we have been proudly living the mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph. We offer you our deepest thanks, one of the most generous, compassionate and loyal communities in Canada. Together, we have been able to create a better home and a better life for thousands of residents and families.  Thank you for leading change and joining us in leaps of faith.

The needs of our community come first. And we are excited about the future.  

We are honoured to support the work of our talented Villa staff team who are leaders in compassion. They are heroes to caregivers, confidants to residents and role models of excellence.

Throughout the year, our dynamic board of directors and committee volunteers make hundreds of hours of contributions. Their teamwork, motivation and collaboration make our impact in the community possible.

We know families, caregivers and individuals, both the young and the aging need specialized, compassionate care through every stage of life. They need a home. They need family. They need love.

The outpouring of community support gives us the confidence that we can continue serve residents and families at St. Joseph’s Villa and expand our scope of care in the community with Margaret’s Place, Hospice at St. Joseph’s Villa.

Together we can achieve anything. Thank you for making the Villa special!


St. Joseph’s Villa Foundation
Board of Directors

Dave Curto

Sarah O’Byrne
Vice Chair

Dave Weber
Past Chair

Joanne Battaglia

Deborah Beedie

Sarah Cathrae

Bernardo Duque

Debbie Fairie

Lori Fernandes

Philip Lowry

Tony Mantecon

Wade Poziomka

Ray Rocci

Walter Silva

Ron Simpson

St. Joseph’s Villa Foundation Staff

Maureen Ellis
President & CEO

905-627-9011 x2238

Don Davidson
Director of Development & Communications

905-627-9011 x2293

Lori Carey
Finance Manager

905-627-9011 x2399

Sarena Paton
Development Officer

905-627-9011 x2236