Can you imagine if our residents did not have access to essential equipment, technology and services?

Neither can we.

Our Foundation works together with St. Joseph’s Villa to ensure critical needs for residents and families are met. Some of the most fundamental priorities are pieces of complex equipment and technology. They may not be glamourous and can sometimes be overlooked, but their importance and impact are undeniable in providing the care, safety, security and comfort that our residents require.

When making a gift to Enhancing Care, your contribution supports:

Villa-Wide Renovations

West Wing Ground

West Wing First

Additional Parking


Phone Upgrades

Voice Mail Upgrades

Caring for Residents


Bath Chairs



Identified as a top priority, we have committed to replacing the carpeting with new vinyl flooring Villa-wide over the next three years.  

We have visionary plans to expand and enhance the Villa and its community outreach program areas and services.  If you are looking to make an exciting, transformational gift that will benefit the entire community, we invite you to consider the incredible difference you can make.

For more information, please contact Don Davidson at d_davidson@sjv.on.ca or 905-627-9011 x2293