We cannot do it alone.

The needs of St. Joseph’s Villa and those we serve are constantly shifting. With the growing health complexities of our aging and vulnerable populations, we strive to support the Villa in providing better, more compassionate and more complete care that supports residents, patients, families and the community.

St. Joseph’s Villa is one of the largest and most innovative long-term care homes in Ontario. Serving 390 residents and over 1400 members of our community through our Adult Day Centre programs, the Villa is a leader in caring for seniors in our community

Government dollars and resources are carefully and stringently managed to support day-to-day operations. However, there are critical capital needs for the Villa that must be met each year to ensure safety, comfort and quality of life.

For the hospice at St. Joseph’s Villa, only a portion of initial building costs and ongoing operations are covered by government funds. From daily support to supplies, programs, services, capital needs, bricks and mortar, every aspect of care must be considered.

“We are committed and highly motivated to serve the needs of our community.”

But we need you to make it possible.

Thanks to every generous donor, every selfless gift, every word of support, you help us to provide life-changing equipment & technology, building upgrades & renovations, therapeutic programming and services.

You make St. Joseph’s Villa & Margaret’s Place a community of care, a network of hope for
residents, patients, families and the community.

Thanks to you, we are not alone.