Your Living Legacy

The lives you touch, the compassion you give, the love you share is your living legacy!

When reflecting on how you can change and shape the future for many years to come, consider making a gift in your will or estate plan to St. Joseph’s Villa Foundation. Help us meet the rapidly shifting needs and priorities of our aging population and create a better quality of life for seniors, patients, families, caregivers and our community.

Having a plan for your future is smart and important. Your decision to make a legacy gift may have significant tax benefits to you today. There are a variety of options that keep your investments, assets and policies intact until you wish to transfer them to St. Joseph’s Villa Foundation.

Please contact us to discuss the advantages of your future generosity. We will work together with your legal and financial counsel in your will, estate and financial planning.

We welcome the opportunity to celebrate and recognize your commitment/philanthropic heart! There is a special place on our donor wall for legacy giving donors. Thank you for strengthening our future.

PLANNING YOUR GIFT – Wills, Estates, Investments

When making a planned legacy gift to St. Joseph’s Villa Foundation, many donors appreciate the flexible options and tax benefits to making a future gift. There are a variety of options that keep your investments, assets and policies intact until you wish to transfer them to St. Joseph’s Villa Foundation.

We encourage you to consult with your independent legal and financial counsel when developing your financial and estate plan.

Some of the most common legacy gifts include:

Bequests in a Will
Making a specific gift to a charity can be done through your will, or can be done by writing an amendment called a Codicil to your existing Will, specifying either a percentage or specific dollar amount. You can bequest a portion of your estate and still provide for your family and loved ones!

As a donor you may be interested in establishing an endowment fund so that the gift that you contribute remains intact as a lasting legacy. You can designate the income produced by investing the endowment to support a specific program at the Villa. This fund may be named in honour or in tribute of yourself, your family or business, or a loved one!

Life Insurance
A gift of life insurance allows you to make a substantial gift to the St. Joseph’s Villa Foundation in the future by paying a relatively low premium payment today. New and existing policies can be transferred to the Villa.

Charitable Gift Annuities
A gift annuity produces guaranteed payments for you for a lifetime. A portion of the sum you contribute will immediately support the Foundation.

Charitable Remainder Trusts
You can make a gift of investments without forfeiting the income produced from those investments by setting up a charitable trust.

Gifts of RRSP Value
You can make a lifetime gift to the Villa using your RRSP’s. Revenue Canada requires you to withdraw your RRSP’s or convert to a RRIF by December 31st in the year in which you turn 71.  If you have enough income from other sources to retire you can consider withdrawing a portion of your RRSP and contributing it to St. Joseph’s Villa Foundation.

Gifts of Security
An “In kind” transfer of publicly traded securities can be easily made electronically from your investment account.

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