Wendy began working for St. Joseph’s Villa over 12 years ago. She considers herself fortunate and privileged to be part of such an amazing team of people – incredible people who inspire her every day. Wendy has taken on different roles during her time at the Villa, but the one constant has been helping and giving back. Always.

“I have always felt blessed to get to know the residents and their families that come to live here at the Villa and enjoy learning about their lives and their journeys to us.  Spending time with residents, attending TR programs, a friendly hello in the hallways, a dining room visit during a meal service, supporting Foundation events such as the golf tournament, providing input to items for the Capital list for items to enhance both resident and staff lives, building the library, a focus on safety and infection control, and giving through payroll deduction are some of the ways in which I have gotten involved,” Wendy reflects.

Wendy knows that her choice to help and get involved has made a difference in the lives of those we serve. “Seeing their joy, comfort or peace through our efforts is what motivates me to continue to support the amazing work our Foundation does every day for all of us.” 

Wendy believes the combination of staff, residents and their families and the Foundation is what makes us unique. With all of us working together our dreams become reality.

Wendy wants everyone to be swept up in the Villa’s newest legacy for our community. “Catch the excitement and do what you can to support us as we work towards the next phase of the amazing work we do here at the Villa with our Hospice project.  Another way we are continuing to care for the people in our community.”