Adrian Grigorescu, Maintenance Lead Hand


#VillaHeroes: No mission too big or small for Adrian Grigorescu, Maintenance Lead Hand

Meet Adrian Grigorescu. He is the Maintenance Lead Hand at St. Joseph’s Villa, and an integral part of our community.

The Maintenance Team is a vital organ of St. Joseph’s Villa. Their day-to-day duties vary based on the facility, staff and residents’ needs, but it’s their expertise that makes our home a better place. Ensuring the facility functions flawlessly and complies with standards, they have gone above and beyond to become industry leaders. Their leadership has brought over 3000 LED lights and 500 motion sensors to the Villa, more than any other long-term care facility.

This type of leadership and success has become the norm for Adrian, who’s been with the Villa Maintenance Team since 2002. His early days as a certified electrician took place in his homeland of Romania, where he met and married his wife of now 32 years and raised two of their three boys. They would later have their third in Canada.

“We moved here in 2000. I was 32 years old,” Adrian reminisces. “We just had our first two sons, and we wanted to give them a life full of opportunity, so we moved to Canada. Having relatives already living here, it felt like a natural place to call our new home.”

Only two years after moving to Canada, Adrian joined the Villa. He was hired by former team lead, Jerry, who just recently retired. Jerry was a well-respected figure in his trade, and him and Adrian bonded closely over their love for their work and the skill they brought to work each day.

“I loved every minute of working with Jerry. We had a lot of fun over the years and got to work on some amazing projects together. I learned so much from him, and he was a great role model in leading a long-term care maintenance team.”

It’s these work relationships that bring joy to Adrian. He boasts he has the greatest job in the world simply because he loves the people he works with. His role allows him to not only help out staff, but to get to know the residents, too. Most of his duties pertain to the needs of residents, whether it be fixing a television stand, repairing a window drape or troubleshooting issues with their beds. Everything and anything can be repaired or replaced by the maintenance team.

With COVID-19 disrupting most professions in the past year, the maintenance team remained busy as usual. The satisfaction he gets from making their home feel like a home, where they can live comfortably and worry-free, makes his work meaningful.

“The Villa is home to over 400 residents. It fulfills me to know my work helps to make their living space more comfortable. This is the mission we lead with every day, and I’m fortunate to have such an amazing team where we can achieve this goal.”


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