Claudette Hunt, resident at St. Joseph’s Villa

Claudette Hunt moved into the Villa in 2017 in search of the care she needed throughout her senior years. She chose the Villa for the life it offered: 24/7 care, a dynamic social life and the opportunity for independence – an aspect she greatly valued.

“The move to the Villa didn’t mean I was saying goodbye to my old life,” says Claudette. “It meant my life continued at the Villa. I’m happy, contented and I’ve made many friends here. It has given me a lot of hope for the years ahead.”

The onset of the pandemic in 2020 altered daily life for everyone, but Claudette found an opportunity through it all. An opportunity to put her most intimate work to the world, publishing Born to Struggle, an inspiring and heart-wrenching memoir of her life experiences.

Born to Struggle illustrates Claudette’s devotion to learning ­– through both the highs and lows. She holds this principle adamantly at the Villa. After a frightening encounter with COVID-19, Claudette learned the importance of the vaccine and our privilege to have it.

“It became so clear to me the severity of this virus and our duty to receive the vaccine, not only to protect ourselves but to protect those around us,” says Claudette. “And thanks to the vaccine, we can spend time with our loved ones for the holidays. We can once again enjoy the most precious aspect of life: being together.

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